Letoya Johnstone

Transgender Letoya Johnstone is very bold. She is never afraid of calling a spade a spade and through her Instagram, she shares her tough life experiences.

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Letoya has yet again shared a touching story narrating how she lost friends because of her poverty status.

‘I have lost very close people to me. Not because there was any problem but because I am poor and that I came from poverty. Sometimes you wish you never took the money, the luncheons, or the gifts so that people could see the real you. The supportive best friend who stayed late for those calls. The kind human full of wisdom and a cheerleader. The one who is always protective of friends and is full of humor.

I used to fear being naked because I thought that being naked was shameful and uncalled for. I just never knew that being empty is as dark as being naked even though they are two different things.

If you are not fighting for your rights on the streets then you are home fighting to keep friends and ally’s to stay. It’s hard. !

You can’t fix what is broken but you may as well embrace it, darling. Sometimes we have to be broken; that is how lights come in,’ she wrote in part.

Letoya Johnstone

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She continued;

‘Just because you started a journey with people or a person does not mean that the end is going to be happy ever after. People grow, so many changes, new friends and ally’s are formed and those in the past are washed away like the ocean sand.

It even gets to a point when your calls are never going to be picked and no explanation shall be rendered to you. Not because you are an afterthought but they, your friends, use your courtesy to weigh your worth. You see, that has nothing to do with you. They have shown you who they are and, as Dr. Maya Angelou said, ” when people show you who they are believe them.”

Be the kind that when friendship is shaky or comes to an end, you still keep the secrets, forgive, and finds strength to let go.

Forgiving people don’t mean that you still have to invite them to your table to break bread with you. You forgive them but you let them go. You hold no grudge.!

I know who I am and I don’t have to change. I just have to evolve and learn. Dr. Nina Simone said it perfectly in one of her songs, ” YOU’VE GOT TO LEARN TO LEAVE THE TABLE WHEN LOVE IS NO LONGER BEING SERVED.”

I have become my own mirror. I learn from my mistakes, laugh at my joy and keep on thriving. My life is a journey rather than a destination.๐Ÿ†๐Ÿค”๐Ÿ’˜’.

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