Martha and Papa Dennis

Machachari actress Martha Wajero, a close friend and confidant to Papa Dennis was among mourners who showed up to view the body and pay their last respects to him.

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 Eulogizing the late artiste, Martha said

I’ve lost an important person in my life.

She then left shortly before the mass was over in the company of a female friend.

Wajero was dressed in a grey jumper, black top, a pair of pink tights and black knee-high boots.

Martha Wajero Martha Wajero Martha Wajero Martha Wajero

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She later took to social media to pen a message which read,

Within you is the light of a thousand suns.🌠💖.

Martha and Papa Dennis were so close and after news broke that the artiste was no more, she paid a touching tribute to him.

The last call I had with Dennis was on Friday at 5p.m Your death has got me by shock to a point I was not even able to talk due to the fear and trauma having being very close to him this what I have to say: “I knew you for 5 years you have been a very loving caring and tender soul.You battled depression despite me being there this after you telling me you wanted us to have a talk .You have always been a shining star amongst many you had a bright future ahead of you because you were always hardworking and ambitious, you inspired me having won many awards in music both locally and internationally .We were very close and you gave me encouragement in my acting career ,you always gave me support in every area and you were always there for me ,we shared many pleasant moments and enjoyed the life that you had here on earth together .I also gave you advise when you had issues and while you were low.You used to go out of your way to make sure that am ok and everything is going on well.Despite this one time that you even said I should come see your studio and visit you to talk not knowing that you were undergoing serious depression.. it would be the worst torture if you actually committed suicide but everything that happens is at Gods plan and God has loved you more.You served God in your songs and touched many souls may God comfort your soul and may you rest in peace you have been a legend ,a role model to many and a star.May you fly with angles I will always remember you for your kindness ,generosity and loving heart not only to me but to many . Dennis Mwangi may your soul rest in peace you shall always be remembered in our hearts and I will keep the legacy of the star you had through me R.I.P,’ she wrote on Facebook.

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