Call him CMB Prezzo, or his rapcellency, and yes, he is one of the richest artistes in town. No wonder lasses have been following him since he started his music career in the early 2000s.

But one thing has been disturbing our man Prezzo; relationships!

The ‘Mafans’ hitmaker’s most recent relationship was with Michelle Yola, his lass for two and a half years. From what Mpasho has found out, Yola has moved on. She is now nursing her wounds from her Prezzo heartbreak in the arms of a Mzungu man.

After flaunting him on social media, Mpasho reached out to prezzo to ask him of how he felt since he had been threatening any man who will ‘Nyemele’ his ex.

When asked how he took the news of Yola having another man, Prezzo said:

“If God hasn’t written it, it won’t turn out the way you want it to.I belive that life is a learning curve and if one door closes, another one opens. Some things will happen and make you feel heartbroken but maybe it could turm out to be a blessing in disguise.”

So Prezzo, are you still in love with Yola?

“Yes, i have gotten over her already . I keep myself very busy. I just hope and pray that she is good where she is.”

He went on to clarify that he is not seeing anyone. But pole team mafisilets, Prezzo is not in the mood of jumping into another relationship. Atleast now now.

“No, I’m not seeing anybody right now, and I’m not really in a rush.” Prezzo said

So what about the tatto he had put on his hand write Yola?

“The tattoo stays because you have to understand that when i was getting this tattoo she was a very big part of my life.We dated for life two and a half years an the problems that i came across she was the only one there for me.Me saying i’m gonna remove the tattoo because she has another man is petty and immature.”


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Prezzo is currently working on releasing songs after elections and has done a couple of collabos with Tanzania artistes among them Joh Makini, Mr Blue, and Baraka The Prince.