Diamond Platnumz’ rumoured side chic Viva Fabrica has revealed that she once dated a Kenyan governor and top comedian but kept it under wraps.

I’ve dated celebrities before (a Kenyan comedian who was big at that time and a governor),’ she posted.

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The Germany based lady has been talking about having receipts she has kept for evidence after she allegedly met Diamond Platnumz.

So if I wanted fame I’d have gotten since that time but I told them I Prefer my relationships private,’ she wrote.


I said I got receipts because first things first I never slide in men’s DMs. They slide into mine, So you all do your maths.

Viva Fabrica went ahead to say that she no longer dates celebrities.

I’m one person with an ego and attitude NOt proud of it but that’s it. Plus I’ve worked with people in the music industry that y’all seem so in love with on social media but behind closed doors, they f**k around like puppets, that’s why I don’t do celebrities!

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She said she will share the receipts once she feels like it.

Once a hoe always a hoe so let this rest here, So you all want to pressure me to drop the receipts but I’ll drop them when I feel the need and won’t do it cause of random people.

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