Emmanuel Jambo and Chiki Kuruka

Bien Baraza’s wife Chiki Kuruka has for the first time revealed that she met her husband through a friend, Emmanuel Jambo.

Chiki showered Emmanuel, a celebrity and award-winning photographer with love, thanking him for being the best friend one can ever have.

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In a length post, the fitness coach-cum-radio presenter wrote,

A story of friendship. Dear @emmanueljambo, You are the force behind so much of what is my life. You introduced me to my husband, you drove me for hours to find my dog, you found us our house. I have cried to you countless times, and laughed with you even more. You are to me, the definition of goodness in this world, and to say I love you doesn’t even come close to the admiration I have for your heart, the respect I have for your soul and the excitement I have for the blessings that will certainly come your way. Happy birthday to my brother, my friend, my family. More Whiskey, more awful dancing, and more picture perfect moments to come. ❤.

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