Three months after the death of Bomet governor, Joyce Laboso her husband Edwin Abonyo said he has been living in hell since his wife’s demise.

Abonyo said his family is still struggling to come to terms with the loss.

Speaking about his experience during an interview with The Star, Abonyo said that though he appear the strongest when the grief was fresh, he was the most affected of his family.

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Joyce Laboso

Abonyo said watching his wife endure the pain and see life slowly ebb away from her body sapped strength out of him, leaving a gaping hole in his heart.

“I have cried a lot in private.

Whenever I step in our house, our room, in particular, the emotions come fresh.

I remember everything and the memories kill me,” Abonyo said.

Governor Joyce Laboso
Joyce Laboso

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Laboso’s son Brian said that his mother’s condition worsened seeing her bedridden.

”June and July were the hardest as her situation got worse.

Organ failures, swelling of the leg, her inability to walk and being bedridden went in quick succession,” Brian said.

Joyce Laboso
The Late Joyce Laboso in a family photo alongside husband Edwin Abonyo and her sons.

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Even more excruciating, he said, was watching her choke in pain with intravenous tubes all over her as the aggressive tumour grew, undeterred by the rigorous chemo and radiotherapies.

Even more gut-wrenching, Abonyo added, was the fact that he knew his wife had a slim chance of making it “as science records very few treatment success rates for second-time relapse of cancer.”

“In fact, at some point, I told the doctors not to actively resuscitate her as the pain became overbearing and her chances were growing negligible.

I did the same for my mother, mother in law,” he added.

Abonyo said that he has not re-arranged the house and even the wardrobes in his city, Sotik and Fort Ternan homes

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