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Awiti with her new man

27-year-old Phenny Awiti has become a household name in Kenya. The mother of two, who’s HIV positive is always using social media to create awareness about HIV/AIDs.

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Phenny, also a columnist in the Nairobian fights stigma against people living with HIV/AIDs and always uses her real-life experiences to encourage others.

Today is December 1, Worlds AIDs day and Phenny Awiti has shared a touching story about herself.

Phenny Awiti

The mother of two was born with HIV but learnt that she was positive at the age of 16, and has been positive about her life.

Three years ago, I came here at 4.05 pm, May 5th of 2017 and came out publicly as HIV Positive!

I dragged along my daughters. The reactions were both negative and positive. I wanted them to be part of me coming out because I was born with HIV, and they were not, I raised them free from it,’ Awiti wrote in part.

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She continued,

This year September, I decided to slow down on my activism on social media because I felt I was being so theoretical and not helping people living with HIV outside social media!
This decision remains the best ever.
My name is Phenny Awiti, I was born with HIV on 3rd of January 1992, I discovered I had this virus 16 years later, my CD4 counts were only 110 and I immediately started ARVs(11 years on and still going).


Just like many HIV Positive people, Phenny said that she has faced many challenges among them stigma.

I received and faced the stigma of all kinds in high school because I told a friend who told a friend, who then made most of my schoolmates aware of my status.
Moving forward, this journey has been full of tears, love, hate, positivity, negativity, anxiety but most importantly, CONFIDENCE!\

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The young mother, who’s currently dating a caucasian man, is among the brave Kenyans living with HIV/AIDs and never afraid of talking about it.

I am currently expectant with my third child, the first two were from a man who was HIV Negative, but I met one who was HIV Positive, and has been on his ARVs for 10 years now…and together, we are a happier family!
My story is still continuous, I pray it enlightens the stigma and discrimination around this virus, and gives you the urge to go and test!
My family and I cannot wait to welcome another child free from this virus!
As the theme suggests this year,
Ending the HIV/AIDS Epidemic: Community by Community, is STILL A PRIORITY!
To communities free from stigma, low new infections and prevalence!
Happy World AIDS Day to you my followers, without you, I couldn’t have made it this far! Feel appreciated!

Phenny Awiti
Phenny Awiti flaunts her baby bump and her two kids

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