Sanaipei Tande

Songstress cum actress Sanaipei Tande popularly known as Aziza is a force to reckon.

The star recently released Simama Imara, which is a response to body-shammers. In an interview in 10 Over 10, Sanaipei revealed that she is working on more projects.

I have three songs coming up next. Sijitoi Thamani, Mdaka Mdakiwa, and Asante kwa Kunitema.

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She explained,

Asante kwa Kunitema, which is loosely translated to [thanks for dumping me] is a story of my life.

Most of us are being embarrassed about being dumped. I’ve been dumped twice but sometimes being dumped is actually a blessing in disguise because it means you find somebody who treats you better.


It’s okay. Don’t be embarrassed about saying ‘I’ve been dumped’.

Saniapei has been single for more than six years after parting ways with ex-boyfriend Andrew Manga, a former musician, and pilot, who she dated for five years.

In a past interview with Dr Ofweneke, she said the affair ended because she realized she was not growing in the relationship.

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She said,

I really loved Manga, but I realised I was not growing in the relationship. It was not adding value.

The Amina hitmaker added;

I loved him, still actually love him, not in love with him but I love him and I would still do things for him and with him.

When asked when she was going to get married, the 34-year-old said;

I would love to get married because I want to share my life with someone, not because society says that I should. But if I don’t get married, that is my cross to bear, not society’s.

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