DJ Mo and Size 8

Gospel singer Size 8 is happy to be alive today. Yesterday while celebrating her birthday, Size 8 shared a moving testimony.

Size 8 and DJ Mo

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 The mother of one, who’s married to DJ Mo, narrated how the devil almost took her life away and disclosed that she has been battling with sickness for five years now.


Size 8 also thanked God for her child after having difficulties during her pregnancy.

Devil angalia hiyo face vizuri Linet Muraya aka Mama Wambo is still alive in Jesus name!!!!!!! Let me testify how God has preserved my life, the public may not know this but countless times the devil tried to take my life away. I’ve been battling with sickness for 5 years now and even wambo @ladashabelle is a miracle.

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Rushed to the emergency room countless times but who be like my Jesus. death where is your sting, my life is the victory of JESUS IN 3D!!!!!!!!! Guys money fame and fortune is not everything. what’s important is are you alive to even spend time with your loved ones because you are alive. GIVE GOD THE GLORY AND PRAISE HIM!!!!!!!!!!!! I love you Lord, thank you for keeping me alive and allowing me to share this life with my love @djmokenya and @ladashabelle all the other babies in future and giving me a chance to know you and serve you what a great honor!!!!!!!!!! WACHA KUKIMBIZANA NA MAMBO MINGI WITHOUT GOD YOU HAVE NO LIFE!!!!!!!!!!! HALLELUJAH!!!

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 DJ Mo also showered his wife with love and his message read;

I can write so many books about you , but today I just wanna celebrate you for loving me , being a good wife , being a good mum to @ladashabelle , the love you have for God and a lot more. You are the best. we have had our ups and downs but what matters is that you are in my life and I love you … lakini wewe ni kasupuu sana sana something must be wrong with you 😂😂😂 story for another day . HAPPY BIRTHDay.

The singer responded to her hubby’s sweet message and she wrote,

My love, my gift from God @djmokenya ❤️❤️❤️ thanks swity …….God has done it for once swity always making us win, love you.

Other celebrities who wished Size 8 a happy birthday include;

revkathykiuna Happy birthday sweetheart. May God bless and keep you. Keep loving Him

wahukagwi Oooooohhhhh happy happy birthday my darling!!!! May this be your best year yet!!!!!

mac_obeth Happy birthday woman of God may you age gracefully with more money and health in your life dear

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