Zari and Ivan
Zari and Ivan. Photo credit: file

Businesswoman and mother of five Zari Hassan recently left many shocked after she revealed that she was in an abusive relationship with her late ex-husband Ivan Semwanga.

Zari got married to Ivan Semwanga in a traditional Baganda wedding (Kwanjula ceremony) on December 24, 2011. Their wedding was the talk of the town for days.

In an interview with Celeb Select, Zari revealed that she tried to seek advice from relationship counsellors and she stayed in the abusive marriage longer because of her three sons; Pinto, Raphael and Quincy.

Ivan Semwanga
Zari Hassan and her sons

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Zari, the now CEO of Brooklyn colleges which belonged to the late Ivan), said that she got to a point where she couldn’t take it anymore and had to leave.

“Ivan was not really a bad guy he was just obsessed. He was really obsessed with me that the obsession grew into something else. It got to a point it was physical, really nasty physical. I tried working on our relationship. I booked counselling sessions for us but he would pay the counsellor to say that he came but he didn’t. We tried the elders and our family to intervene but nothing,” confessed Zari.


“I kept the relationship together as we had kids and an empire together, people were quick to say ooh Zari is jumpy but I was thinking of what was at stake. It wasn’t me, I stayed in a very abusive relationship until I said I cannot. It got to a point that when I said I want to leave he would face me down the balcony and told me if I want to leave it was through the balcony. It was difficult as you don’t just wake up and pack your bags and go.”

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The pair separated in 2014 and around October the same year, Zari met Diamond Platnumz on a plane and moved on with life. She got married to the Tanzanian crooner, and they have two children.

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