Oga Obinna

Comedian Oga Obinna has been forced to eat humble pie and deleted his offensive post, in which he was mocking dwarf Tanzanian actress, Tausi.

The father of four’s post went viral, with many lashing out at him for his mean comments.

He later deleted the post.

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Those with kids and relatives living with disabilities were hurt by Obinna’s mockery and one Anita Santuri wrote,

 As a mother raising a special need child I find this post inappropriate and shameful. Tausi is an amazing woman I have interacted with her on several occasions. She just had a baby the other day with her husband Chris. Inauma sana kuona mtu anaeheshimika kama wewe kufanya utani ulemavu. Kaka hujafa hujaumbika. Kumbuka bado uzazi unao. This is the kind of cyber bullying my son and others should prepare for!???? Today you’ve proved that just being exposed to the real world doesn’t change your mindset. Mbilikimo pia ni binaadam wenye hisia tu kama watoto wenu mnaowazaa. I pray you don’t get yourself in a situation where you’ll have to explain to the world why your child is as he or she is.

Actress-cum-comedienne Esther Chebet also commented on Obinna’s post and she wrote,

Some of us were birthed and raised by people living with disabilities. This is wrong on so many levels! This is not savage, it’s stupidity!!

Other comments from angry Kenyans include;

cerah_barnes This is very wrong mocking and judging😭😭😪

lesinko “people with money ” vibes lol !! Shame on you whoever he is hatukutambui !

Irma Mwashighadi A true definition of the word “Stigma” Obinna you are primitive

winnie_ogenche It’s the other day Obina mocked Brayo….apotelee mbali

Sharon Warari But Obina Has Always been stupid and he always gets away with his stupidity… Ever since he joked about Brayo Sammy’s Grand ma.. I lost all Respect For Obina..or whatever he calls himself

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lillianwakaba There are things that should not be connected to your comedy world, respect people, usitafute sifa na wengine, this is so heartbreaking.

Kawira Mutuma Am surprised that y’all still follow these so called Comedians and Clowns after Eric Omondi swam in the river with little boys, and naked. These people lack Content. They lack Creativity. And most of them think they can make Fun of Women because they think Every Woman wishes to have them! This Obinna post proves he uses his head as a dispenser for Saliva.

Stephen Kimani being a comedian doesn’t make you lose ur inner self and thought so before you post anything just go back to your mind and re- think again…that was so wrong and act of stupidity

Salome Nthenya Nzuki He needs to upgrade his thinking. People living with disabilities deserve respect and all the best life has to offer. Shame on him for mocking God’s creation.

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