Akothee multimillion party

Celebrated local artiste Akothee is always advising her daughters on how to maneuver in life and take care as women.

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The self-proclaimed president of single mothers has penned a letter to her daughters addressing relationships among other things.

Below is Akothee’s letter

1. If anyone has your secrets/nudes/ or anything you don’t wish the public to know. He or she is already public, any secret that leaves your heart or hands is out of your control, it will be out any day.

2. Just know NO SENDING NUDES NOT EVEN TO YOUR BOYFRIENDS, this generation is the most rotten bitter generation, I ever grew up in, 🙆‍♂️🙆‍♂️, (they even expose peoples fathers naked, just imagine your grandpa with his belly, that a slay queen might think of posting after her demands are not met.

3. Don’t allow your girlfriends touching your phones, their Bluetooth is on, they transfer stuff to themselves! Anytime you want to confide in your friends! Don’t call them, they will put you on loudspeaker. Invite them for coffee, make sure their phones are off, they even record you.

4. Never be a friend to bloggers, everything is news for them, even if your own mother tested positive before she has come to terms with it, the public has it.

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5. Anytime a blogger calls your number, don’t answer anything, even coughing shall be used against you. They will say you threatened to infect them with TB.🙈, Throw that line away and get a new one, it’s your life 💪

6. It’s okay to get dumped, this your generation is moving fast, anytime any relationship is not working confide in me. I am the only woman on earth that is happy to see you doing better than ME ❤

7. Never ever threaten to expose photos, conversations and private things between you and a person you once or had romance with, it was love and an agreement at that time (we don’t want to know ) unless he steals your money, then let the world know he is a thief if he brings shakara )
my daughters, avoid groupies unless it’s a class discussion (I know you are young, but go slow). Always treat yourself special and own your ground, avoid women who feels sweet in the presence of men just to make them feel special, these kinds are good at thwarting other women in front of men, this ones have low self-esteem, ( you will know them by, every time you say something, theirs is always better).

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Akothee’s daughter Rue Baby commented on her post and she wrote,

Noted mama ……number 5 🤣🤣🤣🤣but number 6 is pure truth

Reactions from Akothee’s followers include

diana_marua A mother cannot put it any other way! They are blessed to be under your wings ❤️🙏

fancy_makadia This is the purest heartwarming message that i have read today … Thank you mama❤️

chriskirwa Number 6 🙌💪 Pure Plain Cold facts 🙏🏿

dakoreea Undiluted truth Queen! May our children always hear our voices 🙏🏽❤️🤗

mwaikadu She might have dedicated to the 3 daughters but it’s needed for every gal to know this

allyrucrafts I cried. I wanna tell my daughter about this though she is young but still want to tell her how the world is coz I have been in some of the things you have said and truth they put in a stressful situation u can never imagine.