The XYZ show is back

The XYZ Show, an award-wining puppet satire series featuring Kenyan politicians and business leaders, has announced a comeback.

Taking to social media, The XYZ Show has announced that they are launching a new season in less than a week, leaving fans impatiently waiting for the first episode to go on air.

Politicians, especially those who have been behaving badly, have a reason to worry —they could easily end up being the butt of the joke, with their blunders exposed on screen by silly-looking puppets.

Kenya may be two years away from a general election, but anyone following the political scene gets the feeling that we could be going for elections in a few weeks.

The drama is endless; from the BBI to ‘Hustlers vs. Dynasties, throw in a global pandemic and add the regular seasonings like corruption, and you have a recipe for political ii stew that is almost too hot to handle.

The XYZ Show is known to tackle current affairs in a hilarious way that makes us laugh, but leaves us thinking, and opens our eyes to the truth behind the news.

New episodes are expected to start airing on NTV this coming Sunday, 8th November 2020, at 7:30pm.

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