Over the weekend, media personality Nazizi sent out an urgent appeal for blood because her dad, Firoze Hirji, was in ICU at Nairobi Hospital.

Her appeal was successful she sent out a statement to that effect.

Painting a picture of how that period was for her and the family, Nazizi narrated,

“On this day I was super thankfull that my mum was out of the hospital and was getting better. I’d spent a whole week with her talking and feeling blessed to have her around still. I went to the beach and reflected on our time together and how precious Life is.”

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Nazizi's son TafariNazizi added,

“Little did I know that just a few hrs after this pic I’d be thrown into on to other whirlwind. It’s been 10 days since dad has been in hospital. I’ve spent a lot of time with him too, I’m lucky I been on leave coz jah knows I wouldn’t be able to cope.”

Nazizi’s father and her son

She concluded,

“The coming week will be another challenging one for I . Getting back to work when pops still in the hospital. Creating time to be with @tafari_firoz as his also back to school. Balancing all the responsibilities nuh easy sometimes.”

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Nazizi is, however, counting her blessings. She noted,

“Thanks to everyone who has called, texted , sent me Dms of encouragement and the few who have shown up to visit. I appreciate all of you and I’m super overwhelmed to respond to everyone but I see you and I’m Thankfull.”

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