We are just hours away from the day of love – Valentine’s. But you might want to rethink giving too much attention to the day because it is kind of overrated. Here is a list of reasons why you give the day a wide berth.

1. Celebrating Valentine’s Day sets a precedent.

If you celebrate this day with all its grandiosity, that means you will have to outdo yourself each year.

By celebrating Valentine’s, you set standards for yourself each time you get your partner that watch or purse.

This means you should aim higher every time this day comes and it all sounds like a daunting task to keep up with.

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2. Love isn’t an item to pay for.

By celebrating Valentine’s Day, you are simply paying to experience love and belonging.

You don’t need to spend huge amounts of money on the gifts and expensive hotels on ‘lovers’ day’ so that you can reassure your better half or beloved that you care about them. True love should be unconditional.

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3. It reminds single people how lonely they are

Don’t be that person that goes on to remind people how single they are. For some, it is not by choice, so why rub it in?

Do not plunge them deeper into their misery because they are probably fighting other battles like school fees and pressing bills.

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4. February 15th is business as usual.

Imagine after all the colour and pomp, the following day will be business as usual and no one will care about how many dozens of roses you bought for your partner or that you burnt a fortune on a fancy dinner.

What was all the show of might for if the very next day you will be back to treating each other as normal?

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5. It’s a corporate scheme.

This is one of the days where businesses such as flower vendors, hotels, airports and gift shops report huge sales margins.

They laugh all the way to the bank while you go back home with some pocket change. Be selfish and save your money, there are more important days to be celebrated.


I'M Broke Set It Off GIF6. It distracts us from the real deal

No one wants to admit it but this whole Valentine’s Day hullabaloo is a distraction from the real deal – the relationship downs.

You are made to forget the problems you have and focus on making each other happy, just for a day.

My advice to couples is, sort your underlying issues out then celebrate love all you want. We should all stop with the one-day pretence.

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