Kelele Takatiu’s member Moji also known as Shortbaba is driving city women crazy. The lad has been receiving crazy comments from lasses, evident that he’s making them go “Koo Koo”.

It’s not his height, smile or melanin… You guessed it right.

His beard!

Short baba has been getting the attention of city girls after he made a debut with the song Kuzitoka as a solo artiste.


Itakua Ngori! Has Kelele Takatifu Parted Ways? (Exclusive Audio)

He and the other half of Kelele Takatifu are now releasing solo projects, leaving fans to speculate that they’ve broken up, reports that the two have denied.

In an exclusive conversation with Mpasho, Moji said the two are just having a season of solo music.

Shortbaba is currently ruling the airwaves with the song Wacha story;

Anyways, Moji has been sharing photos of himself while showcasing his bearded self, leaving city women going crazy over him.

Check him out;