Miguna Miguna

The general is still stranded in France.

Miguna Miguna was marched out of an Air France plane minutes before it took off.

Miguna was expected in the country on Tuesday night but he was barred from boarding his flight.

Now, the Kenyan government has revealed that it had nothing to do with his eviction from the plane.

The government spokesman Cyrus Oguna on Wednesday said Miguna has proved to be an unruly passenger, following the fracas he caused during his forcible deportation in 2018.

“His unruly behaviour was seen to have the potential of threatening category A1 status of JKIA which took the country a lot of effort and work to achieve,” he said.

According to Oguna, Miguna was categorised as an unruly passenger following the incident of his deportation at JKIA.

He said as a result, in accordance with the Annex 17 of the Intentional Civil Authority Organisation, JKIA made recommendations that allow prohibition of unruly passengers.

“This category certifies that we have put in place all necessary safety and security measures in all our airports. This is an accomplishment that we are committed to jealously protect,” Oguna said.

Oguna said Miguna is free to enter Kenya once he gets his passport, but added that the lawyer has not made any effort to visit a Kenyan mission to obtain one.

“The government is aware about the court ruling and is ready to comply,” Oguna said. “However according to ICAO, a passenger must have a valid travel documents.”

Oguna said it is puzzling that Miguna despite the drama he has caused over his flight, has not made an effort to obtain his passport from any of the missions.