Mercy Masika and Jalango

It is a year and seven months since the Dusit Hotel Complex terror attack happened. Around 21 people were killed in the bloody attack and dozens of others were lucky to have survived.

Award-winning gospel artiste Mercy Masika escaped death by a whisker as she was headed to Dusit hotel complex for a salon appointment.

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The Mwema hitmaker had just finished a meeting with media personality Jalang’o and a client but she delayed to leave the place because Jalang’o had blocked her car.

‘… I got to a client meeting after Mercy! Driving in, the client parking is full so Iam forced to double park blocking other cars! I walk into the meeting and client has finished briefing Mercy and she is in a hurry for her saloon appointment since the next day is the launch date and she has to look the part! She hurriedly leaves only to find her car blocked so they call me to move my car but I give out my car key so there is a bit of delay! When she leaves not more than 20mins later news of the attack at Dusit where she was going for her appointment quickly spread! Waaaaa! When she shared the message I just thanked God!’ Jalang’o posted on social media on the day of the attack.

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Several months down the line, Mercy is still thankful to God and speaking to about the incident, she said,

It was the hand of God. How we delayed and how we got into the wrong route. There was traffic and the delay with Jalas it’s God. He protected us and we felt it was not our time yet. That tells me that supernatural our God is real.

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