Popular TV journalist is thanking his lucky stars for escaping a freak accident. At the time he was in the car with his family.This comes after Radio Citizen’s John Maloba, known to his fans as Papa Nasty, survived another grisly road accident today morning.

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The KBC presenter wrote on Facebook, “How I managed to come out of this KCG is still a miracle. But the Most High ensured I lived to tell the story. Kevin Odit, Sheila Kevins, Karen and the little girl Kelsie are so fortunate to be alive. And after 6 X-rays and an Ultrasound, its time to relax and wait for another drive.”

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Speaking to The Star’s Word is, Roncliff said, “Yesterday morning, I was driving from Nairobi to Mombasa with my brother Kevin Odit, the wife Sheila Odit, daughter Lesey and their house help, Karen. When we drove past Voi, I hit a pot hole and the tire burst. I lost control of the car and rammed into an oncoming tanker and hit it’s second axle. It was bad. I’m grateful that no life was lost.”

Roncliff OditHe was traveling to Mombasa ahead of the Valentine’s Day celebrations to be with his girlfriend. The trip also saw him ferry his brother and the family to the coast after a family meeting. The accident occurred at 5:4 0am on Sunday morning.

Listen to Roncliff’s full account of the accident.

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