Tanasha Donna has broken her silence after a viral video hit the interwebs of what looks like an embarrassing moment of her moving to kiss Diamond but he ducks.

Tanasha is in Dar es Salaam for various music projects and to take her son to visit the father after over 9 months of being apart.

Well, over the weekend the ex-couple were performing at a Wasafi event and they shared the stage to perform their hit Gere.

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Their body language on stage gave fans the impression that they would end up together.

Anyhow, that same night, the video of the couple together got fans making more assumptions.

Now, Tanasha came out to clear the air.

Responding to a fan who was explaining that Tanasha was not moving in for a kiss but rather, she was about to whisper something in his ear.

The fan, tilesmombasa_ wrote,

“Eti alikunyima kiss, Acheni kukuza mambo wakati tunamacho na tunaona ss wakenya mbona tunachukiana hiv aki???”

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“YOU can see clearly kwamba hakutaka kumkiss alitaka kumwambia kitu, na Mondi kageuka haraka hakumuona. Neva mind them, wanakuonea wivu tu.”

Tanasha responded to the comment saying,

“@tilesmombasa_ It is what it is. Let them have fun recreating the whole scenario.”

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