African Superman a.k.a Bamzigi is recovering from a nasty motorbike accident that he terms is “by the grace of God” that he got out with his life.


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“I’m feeling really lucky that I only got minor injuries and no broken bones etc, on my accident the other day. And to my extreme surprise after the flips on my bike I was triple surprised it only came out with cosmetic damages & 1 major damaged part (bended back break pedal) plus I drove it home in super super pain,” Bamzigi told his fans via a social media post.


The former Necessary Noise star added, “All thanks to the Almighty God and savior Jesus Christ, plus my guardian angel and my protective gear, my most injured body part is my right knew, left shoulder and left elbow.

“I have to give props again to the UM Renegade motorcycle coz that thing is built like a tank & I still can’t believe the minor damages it got, apparently after getting the parts I need it will only a take a couple of hours to fix.

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“Now I just have to get well enough to ride it to the garage in industrial area, hopefully next week. The rider in me is still well & alive though, ride or die biatch’s.”

bamzigi bikeBamzigi did not stop there he also wanted to address roaming rumours from his haters.

“I’ve been hearing rumours so I decided 2 take a pic of my bike 2 show da haters (U knw who U R) that da bike is fine. The bike company said it only has cosmetic damages, plus da insurance company advice me 2get it repaired myself since da total bike repair cost is lower than da excess insurance fee, can U believe my luck? Anyway its by da grace of God & our saviour Jesus Christ that I made it unharmed seriously, & I thank da guys who helped me out & feel sorry 4da Hater’s who see this as a plus 4 them.”

He continued, “I have 2say though I have a knew found respect 4da UM renegade Sport, most bikes would have been totally totaled 2 b honest, but my biggest wreck was a bent back brake pedal that’s it, da rest is small time stuff. Granted most of da bike is built with reinforced steel parts & only 2 major plastic panels,4 da battery cover & da air cleaner plus tool box, so I get why its so strong but still its one hell of a bike. Pure American muscle, & with a branch here in Kenya spare parts (4 da Renegade bike) & service is always been top notch. I hear parts 4da scooters used 2b a bitch 2 get but with da latest shipments that came in I hear other model owners will have smooth sailing now.
Although I wouldn’t really know what that feels like coz da Renegade has never had a problem with spare parts or had any problems for that matter except me getting into accidents lol!
So sorry haters maybe next time lol!, once again I give praise 2da Almighty lord & saviour Jesus Christ for his love & protection. Amen.”

Get well soon African Superman.

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