Karen Nyamu

Politician and city Lawyer Karen Nyamu doesn’t want to be married. This she revealed in an interview with Bustani La Massawe on Radio Jambo.

According to the mother of two, the reason for this staunch belief is from the experience she had with a violent man she dated while in her early 20s.

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Karen told Massawe Japanni,

“There were insecurities and obsessiveness, and the politician also turned out to be very violent.”

Karen, who vied for Nairobi woman representative in 2017, said the politician made her feel very insecure around men.

Asked whether she reported the abuse to the police, Karen said she was afraid.

“I was very young and the guy was famous. I felt very intimidated that even if I report, nothing would be done to him, and so I did not report. I thank God I left the relationship.”

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Well, advising single mothers, Karen said they should stop having a pity party for themselves and work hard at succeeding.

“It is all in the mind. Single mothers should trust themselves and take advantage of the opportunities they have been given to raise their children. You can do everything for your children.”

On whether she is a threat to married women who think she will snatch their men, Karen said;

“I do not take men from women. If you are a man and have a family let it stand first. Sichukui mwanaume wa kuchukulika as in  mwanamke akija unaangusha kwako. No one wants someone like that!”

‘I dated a violent married politician,’ Karen Nyamu on why she will never get married