Kiss FM radio co-host Jalango has promised to help in finding a lasting solution to the deplorable life boxing queen Conjestina is living in.

Conjestina is a household name and has put Kenyan on the international map so many times.

But her current lifestyles (drugs, poverty, mental illness) have left her a shell of her former self.

Taking to his social media, Jalango says he cannot just sit and watch.

‘Conje’s story hurts soo much anytime it comes up and thank you soo much @carolradull for visiting her.

Sometimes you look at what some Legends go through I swear you just hate this Government!

I don’t know what to say about Conje’s story because we all know that a lot has been done to help her the last notable was when Gov. Sonko took charge.

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We can now just say rehab alone will not change her we have to get her out of the environment that took her first to the Rehab, Going to the rehab and coming back to the same village and environment will not help.’

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Like Radull, Jalango says taking Conjestina to rehab alone cannot be the solution.

‘I know many people will now come out to help and the circle will continue, pick Conje, take her to Rehab, take her back to Gem village.

On my side I’ll call and reach out to Amb. Yvone Khamati who is the CEO at the Newly formed Heroes Council and see what we can do.

But if you are a well wisher who wants to help her don’t just go pick her up and take her to Rehab think about post rehab. Nyar Gem keep fighting all will be well.’

What do you think can be done to help Conjestina to live a decent life?

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