Nameless ,Wahu and kids

Wahu and Nameless are Kenya’s couple goals but what many do not know is that like every other marriage there has been a bumpy ride.

Speaking about their first argument as man and wife on Samantha Bridal, Wahu says,

My house was very colourful while his was full of black and grey stuff when we were dating. I was Ok with it at first. but after we got married I decide to move into his house because it was bigger and I decided to get rid of his grey carpet.

‘We struggled’ Nameless reveals about early marriage years

Nameless and Wahu
Nameless and Wahu on their wedding day

I was like women decide how a House should look like, I was not even thinking that it was a topic of discussion.

His argument was that it matched the TV.

Defending himself Nameless says,

We had just come from the wedding and all I wanted was some little time to recover but she would hear none of it.

She wanted to change everything including the curtain.

She had come to this same house for years so I could not understand where the rush was coming from.

Wahu says however she felt like Nameless did not care about her decisions.

I was an independent woman and I felt like he had a problem with my decision since I changed the outlook of his house.

I felt like ‘You do not respect my decision and I don’t even know if this marriage will work’.

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