Jowie and Eleanor

Jowie Irungu and his wife Eleanor Musangi have sparked break up rumours after they unfollowed each other on Instagram and deleted photos they took together from each other’s accounts.


Although none of us saw this coming, its not clear whether they did it to protect each other’s privacy or they have parted ways.

Today Eleanor posted a cryptic post that points to her regretting some of the things she said in public.

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Jowie, the main suspect in the murder of businesswoman Monica Kimani introduced the mother of one to the online community a few weeks after he was released from prison and referred to her as his wife.

Fans have reacted to Jowie and Eleanor’s ‘break up’ and below are the reactions;

inch.o And their relationship was short and sweet😂😂

kinshit_bambino Enyewe it was a long-distance relationship😂😂😂

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kinshit_bambino Jowie was tired of being looked down on😂😂😂and too tired to look up to her😂😂🚶🚶

paulohunnid the power of mtaachana tu😂😂😂🔥

alickay Nothing new, tulivunjwa roho na tukazoea. Lakini jowie naye after kamtoto ka Ella kamepiga violin hivo kwa ile wimbo yake. Sasa watadelete hio part ama?

daagy_kirk kama eve alidump Adam huyu ni nani????
el.tashiie 😂😂😂na tuliwaambia 😂wataachana tu kama height difference hawakuskia 😂

alexerkeyz 😂😂😂😂kamati ya”mtaachana tu” they won once again

iam.svndrv Hakuna mapenzi ilikua hapo😂😂😂 walikua wanacheza kalongolongo😂😂😂💔

core_law Na nilisema tu hao si matako waishi pamoja milele 😆😆💔

the.athleticc 😂😂😂 heri mimi napenda kdf 😂 hatuezi kosana na ni ekonomiko 😂

nasty._kargie Do you believe in love😂😂😂😂

k.a.s.w.e.a.t.y Mapenzi ni ngumu 😂😂😂💔

i.am_shakilla Long distance relationship😂😂😂

hottwerkerskenya You think looking up to her daily is easy 😁🤭😂😂😂

a.n.t.i.d.o.t Kwani ilikuwa waachane😹

Kimathi Vincent So you expect us to be surprised ama? Jowie should have kept this relationship a secret and maybe take some time away from social media to heal.
prudence Love is overrated😂

sobermindtalk Love is a scam

Boaz Abu Calid I knew it will end in indian ocean size of tears

gichez 😪role models wao offset na cardi B walizima hopes za mapenzi😂😂💔

kinshit_bambino Tulisema ni kugasanisha tususu na kuachana😂😂😂🚮

mal_aika Ogopa mapenzi😂😂😂😂

Kevin Onyango Enyewe mimi ni ultra legend, yani my erection last longer than most of these relationships.

devieee it ended in tears😂😂😂

Koi MK Should have seen how Jowie became restless during an interview with Massawe when she happened to say ,,,Msikilizaji hapa tunaye Jowie Irungu na Mkewe!! He almost stood to stop the introduction 😆😆 and it was clear the gal was in marriage alone

Isaac Kuria The taller the lady the shorter the relationship!!

Daniel Benz Just as I said….it has finally ended up in tears

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