Adelle Onyango
Adelle Onyango

There is no bigger honour than that of a child to the parent.

Kiss FM’s Adelle understands this and she is honouring her mother by unveiling the Anyango Capsule Collection.

Every month, she has been releasing a piece from her collection. So far, she has released a jacket that represents strength, a necklace that represents power and this week, she has released a lip line and it represents limitless.

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The Anyango Capsule Collection has been the talk of town ever since it was launched, so did she think it would have created this much buzz?

“I think the WHY behind it, resonates with many people, and that’s why it’s connected with so many people. Also the creatives I’ve worked with are Amazing!” she said.

She explained why she chose the four creatives to work with her. “They are all extremely hardworking! Nairobi Apparel are so young but they have the audacity to be different and I love that! OliveAndAnnie stand for something: they are creating awareness on gender based violence! Pauline Cosmetics are changing the African cosmetic narrative! They are all Powerful individuals!”

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Adelle Onyango
Adelle Onyango

All these are characteristics her mother inhabited, and that Adelle has chosen to share this with everyone.

“The pieces bring to life mummy’s Limitlessness; nothing stopped her. Powerfulness; she oozed power and that’s why her legacy still is so strong. Strength; my mother was the strongest person I know! And it was a subtle but very deep strength. Each product reflects this!” she said.

“So the next theme is ‘being proud of one’s journey’, and any creative who wants to collaborate on this with me, be it a fashion designer, jeweller — any product someone can buy and be reminded to own their journey —needs to email: their bio, samples of things they’ve already created, and what they think we can create together,” she said.

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