Celebrities are trendsetters and are always expected to look exceptional and set the pace and trends for their fans to follow especially when it comes to fashion. But to some, they don’t fit anywhere when it comes to fashion.

Talk of wearing that pair of Timberland boots to every event, rewinding that jumpsuit for days and even dressing like they are going to fetch water down the stream when going for red a carpet event. What is wrong with some of these celebrities?

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Well, sexy singer Dela Maranga famed for the Mafeelings hit is the latest victim of cyber bullying after she posted photos rocking blonde hair.

You think she looks like bad girl Rihanna?



Dela’s followers attacked her and as usual, they didn’t mince their words.

Some even compared her hairstyle for a mop.

Here are some of the mean comments

Eddy: For Godsake, lose that blonde piece of sisal on your head

Queen: Terrible. Looks cheap. Unacceptable for a purported celeb.

Sharon: Issa mop

Regina: The colour sio shida ni mwenye alimshuka

Kylie: She looks so terrible… I can’t imagine leaving the house like that..

Peter: the streets must be clean….mops on heads ???

Amiga:  Not sure if this is shade or a compliment but dela kinda looks like whoopi Goldberg

Rita: The wig is good but Dela has a strange old looking face.