Bahati with Clay Onyango

Bahati has been going through a rough patch the past couple of weeks, what with Mr Seed leaving his record label and another signee – David Wonder – also hinting he might exit.

David Wonder and Mr. Seed
David and Mr Seed in a past photo

The onslaught did not stop there as a businessman by the name Clay Onyango accused Bahati of conning him out of equity in EMB studios.

Clay Onyango with Diamond
Clay Onyango with Diamond

Clay alleged that he had partnered with Bahati to start the studio but the gospel artiste threw him out unceremoniously, without returning his initial investment. The story is below:

Exclusive: Kwani EMB si yake? Bahati accused of conning music promoter

It seems like Clay is doing all he can to get back what he feels the musician owes him. The music promoter has decided to start a Go-fund-me account for the ‘Mama’ singer.

Bahati posing

His description on the Go-fund-me page is below:

We believe in forgiveness , and we also believe that Baha is not capable of paying his debts and in order for him to move on from these scandals am hereby requesting everyone  to contribute in helping him clear his debts. This Will go towards paying Mr Seed, Benson and others involved. The rest of the money will support other upcoming gospel singers. Keep in mind no one is perfect. Let’s do this and move on. Thanks in advance .

Clay Onyango
Clay Onyango

We contacted Clay and asked him what had happened since we broke the story about his issues with Bahati. He responded:

There has never been any change nor response from him..and i guess This Guy Will never Pay… leave alone Me but Mr Seed who needs money for his videos and pregnant Wife.

Mr. Seed and Nimo
Mr. Seed and Nimo

Was it a good idea to start the Gofundme and what was his purpose?

I Dont know if it’s a Good Idea, but i thought if it can help, why not? And am not just thinking about myself…These upcoming artists need help With a lot.

Clay at the studios
Clay at EMB studios

Attempts to reach Bahati for comment on WhatsApp, via phone calls and text messages were unsuccessful.

Will you donate?

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