Zari Hassan

Zari Hassan’s second born son Raphael Junior hit the headlines after coming out as gay on an Instagram Live video.

Raphael who has been trying to build a brand for himself said;

“This is not funny but I’m gay. A hundred percent gay not bi or anything. I don’t know why you guys are laughing its not funny”

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Well, Zari’s brand manager Galston Antony has come out to do what he termed as damage control saying that the 16-year-old is not gay and that he was just seeking for attention.

“I know Raphy and I can tell you for sure or almost sure that he is not gay. If he is gay, it is what it is. But do I think he is gay? No”


“I know his friends and his set up in the dating world”


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He went on to explain that rebellion was part of the reason the celebrity kid said that,

“When you are 16 you tend to be out of control and rebelling kicks in and we all know Raphy sometimes tends to troll so he may be have needed some sort of attention”

“I am not mad at him because he is 16 but Raphy sometimes you got to think about the repercussions of what you do and what it does to you and your family name”

Anthony went on to ask East African people to not use Raphael’s Live video to turnish Zari’s name.

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