Vanessa Chettle has been MIA for a minute but we found out the reason why, she was in prison enjoying the best of Cafe Gereza‘s tea and scones.

Vanessa Chettle Reveals That She Had Been In Jail All This Time

Anyway, she’s out and about and her body is looking sexy as ever. Or maybe it’s just that I have a thing for petite feminine types. But I digress.
I was recently looking at her supple, petite body and admiring her blemishless, caramel skin and guess what I found?

The lass has decided that she will turn into an “exotic dancer” to get the bills paid. And no, I didn’t immediately jump on my high horse and start judging her, I immediately begun to make plans of my own to go and see her whenever she next performs.

Then again, I have already seen her nude -sorry, I have already seen her nudes so maybe there isn’t that much left to see. Unless ofcourse she is going to show me her innards. SCRATCH THAT! Huyu lazima nimuone hiyo siku atakuwa na gig!

Vanessa Chettle

Vanessa Chettle the exotic dancer