Bridget Aachieng

Nairobi Diaries has characters!

One of the most loved characters in this dramatic series is Bridget Achieng. The reason behind it should be the drama. And yes, this girl got a lot of it when it comes to that sector.

Hit Or Miss: Bridget Achieng’ Walks Around In Tattered Dress (PHOTO)

It will be remembered that this lass, was once in a messy fight with her workmate Sarah Molly over irreconcilable differences. The fight was the talk of town and what was evident enough were the scars that were left in her light skinned self.

Just when the bleaching was progressing just fine, Molly had to do this to her. Well, you might have though after all that embarrassment, Bridget would not get a man anytime soon. You were wrong!

Just before you see her new man, here is how she was thoroughly embarrassed;

It seems she has healed now and found a man to warm her bed. Achieng was recently spotted with a man identified by the name Tonito Meena. The two were seen to be giving the impression that they were head over heels in love.

‘Ng’oa Meno Kwanza!’ Nairobi Diaries Followers Savagely Attack Bridget Achieng After She Said She Was Beautiful

The man in the picture would go on to post their photo and write;

“Can’t describe da moment!”


Bridget Achieng seems not to be so proud of her new man. She went on to curse out, her boo for posting their photo.

She wrote,

“Remove this picture immediately ??”

Well, could this man be the one warming Bridget’s bed on these very brutal cold nights? Here are their photos, and trust me, you will notice how scary she looks without makeup!

Here we go;