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This is not the first time we are hearing such an accusation being levelled against a popular video producer. We’ve had similar cases before, where artistes lament of being “conned” by video and music producers.

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Many such cases have put the producers on the spot over playing ‘cat-and-mouse’ games after they’ve been paid sums of money to produce tracks for artistes. That’s the situation facing one Young Wallace. The music video producer has been accused by reggae-dancehall singer Buki Ranks (pictured below) of allegedly running away with his money!

Buki is known for his jam From A Distance.

Via a Facebook post, Buki says that he paid Wallace some Sh45,000 for a video shoot. However, he says, the producer disappeared into thin air never to be heard again.

“7months ago i paid the guy 45k for my video shoot. he took the cash n every time i call him he doesn’t pick up n only text back he’s busy or he’s in a shoot. i told him to refund my cash back but he refused,” he wrote in part.

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We contacted Wallace (see photo gallery below), who didn’t deny the fact that he was given Sh45,000 by Buki as a “down payment” for his collabo video. According to him, a lot of “logistic mishaps” led to the current debacle.