Eunice Njeri’s now ex-hubby Rapper Izzo – real name Ado Bukasa – is yet to comment on the said “annulment”. However, his sister, Lize Bukasa has a few choice words for the ex-sister-in-law and award wining gospel singer.

Eunice called off her marriage with Izzo, hours after she said “I do”. But only vocalised this on February 1 – 66 days after the grand wedding.

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Lize has had it will all the mudslinging on social media.

She wrote, “She said she loves my brother so much and have been debating on whether or not to post this. papers were indeed signed. It’s been said that papers were never signed, Here is a prove to it… everything happens for a reason. As the sister am reacting towards all what’s going around.
Everything happens for a reason…” (sic)

This post was accompanied by a video of Eunice Njeri signing the marriage certificate in Church in front of the congregation and the pastor who married them.

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In a separate post, Lize explained why she decided to speak out about Eunice Njeri’s social media “annulment” announcement.

“I usually stay out of all my four brothers’ business , being that they are the oldest I try not to intervene. But knowing my brother izzo, all he will do is just pray to God and won’t say much, with what’s going on. Thats his personality, very humble man.
But i came to realize if I don’t speak out who will??? I read all the negative comments on the news and all the judgmental posts on the media, you tube videos and all.: Am so drained with no words to say…I stand firm with my brother and sending all my love and support … team #izzo.”

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