corazon and frankie

It’s now public knowledge Corazon Kwamboka is expecting fitness trainer and model Frankie Justgymit’s child.

They confirmed this during an Instagram live with blogger Edgar Obare.

Frankie, who has two other kids from his previous relationship with Maureen Waititu has been keeping his relationship with Corazon lowkey until yesterday.

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Speaking about how they met, he said,

We met last year in July and we were going through tough times. We were from relationships and it was a sensitive time. We started talking and one day I sent her gym clothes from my brand [Gymit] so that she could try out… we had so much in common that things just like catapulTed into something else.

Corazon, on the other hand, said,

We decided to be serious with our relationship in December last year. We were support partners, have a lot in common, get along very well and we were like, ‘why not try it?’

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Asked whether Kwamboka was the reason as to why he broke up with his ex-wife, Maureen Waititu, the father of two said,

We met way after I and Maureen broke up and had nothing to do with it. It’s just something we never planned we just fell into it. We had our differences and it’s something we tried to fix through our whole relationship. We were not happy and we figured it was best for us to go separate ways and the general public doesn’t see that.

He added,

People used to see the perfect couple and family on our YouTube channel. Everything looks rosy but they don’t know what’s happening behind closed doors…you were just seeing 30 seconds of my life. You can’t say we gonna stick through it because of the kids again you can do that and force something to work but you’re forcing it and it could more detrimental to kids and we were just like let’s focus on building these children and whatever happens, happens.

The gym rat made headlines for days after partying ways with Maureen and addressing that, he said,

The reason I got the backlash is because we never explained what happened. Everyone just had their own opinions but I chose to stay silent and do me.

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