Eric Omondi announced his desire to get a wife and asked Kenyan ladies to send their videos of the qualities they have to his whatsapp number.

God has been good I am blessed with good health,

a successful career, some money😊😊…I can confidently say I have everything I ever dreamt of. The President of Comedy Africa and Now my dream Studio. But all these could be nothing without someone to share the moments with. Hata Adam alikua na Eve…Genesis 2:18..And God said, “IT IS NOT GOOD FOR MAN TO BE ALONE, I WILL MAKE ASUITABLE HELPER FOR HIM”.

As a comedian it has been very hard for people to take me seriously when I need them to. This is one of those times I need KENYA MY COUNTRY, MY PEOPLE to take me seriously. I hereby PROMISE that whoever Kenyans will choose for I will do an official wedding and Marry them and Have kids with them and hopefully live happily forever. IF YOU ARE A LADY AND YOU BELIEVE YOU CAN MAKE A PERFECT WIFE FOR ME, PLEASE SEND A SHORT WHATSAPP VIDEO TO 0782172766 explaining why you think you would be best to be the LOVE OF MY LIFE. or Post the Clip and Tag me. I will post all the videos and Kenyans will help me choose a WIFE in the old African way.

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Eric Omondi

Well, many women have come out highlighting how wife material they are with qualities like cooking and cleaning.

But Kamene and Jalas have adviced women to highlight more when sending these videos to the comedian as it is competitive.

“All the women who came said they want to be his wife because they can clean and cook. Cooking and cleaning should not be on top of your CV!” Jalas advised these women.

Kamene thinks that men are to blame for all these because every man always insists on wanting a lady who can cook and clean.

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She, however, went ahead and assured us that definitely, that is not what she is bringing to the table.

“Cooking and cleaning is not what I am bringing to the table.” She said.


We shouldn’t be surprised that that is what many women said because apart from having a good job men still would want a woman who can feed them and clean the house. For me your number one dedication is make sure he achieves his dreams.”


The two spoke on The Morning Kiss on Kiss FM.

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