Angry and crazy girlfriend

Helll hath no fury and all that yet men always seek to find out the validity of this statement for themselves. And when things go wrong, they go horribly wrong. Take this instance for example.

The details of what transpired are pretty simple, according to those damned internets, the man had been cheating on his lass with -get this, her co-workers!

Chris-Rock-HUH-WTF lolAnd like these things usually go, she found out about what her man had been doing. Afterall, it was always bound to come out given that they were her colleagues and you do know just how spiteful women can get to each other.

So she decided to get her revenge; ON FILM! Aye, she decided that he wasn’t going to go unpunished for making a fool out of her. So she set up the camera and went to town setting his genitals on fire. Check it out below: