The largely celebrated bootylicious socialite was recently in Nakuru with Jalang’o at an event and left mens’ tongues dangling. In a recent interview with Pulse, the controversial entrepreneur revealed the real reason why her buttocks are shapely:

“I do work it out for two hours every morning. I do sit ups to keep my butt round and good. I have to be disciplined to keep it within the right shape and size,” she revealed without having any regrets about it. Most girls would cringe if told to talk publicly about this.

“Most women are blessed with big behinds but they don’t appreciate what God has given them. They let them sink, like…fall out of shape and ignore them totally. I would ask them to try working them out,” she added. Now you have it ladies. If you have a big, sexy, bouncy butt you should keep it fit by going to the gym or exercising at the comfort of your bedroom.

See some of Vera’s latest photos:

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