On-air-TV talent turned social activist Janet Mbugua is turning out to be a force to reckon with.

Not only has she lent her voices to call out social ills, she has also petitioned parliament asking them to improve on the Menstrual Health Management (MHM) Policy in Kenya to ensure all women in Kenya are receiving adequate MHM services.

That said, Janet penned an interesting list of 33 things she has learnt in her entire life on her blog.

From it, we gleaned a few interesting characteristics that make Janet one of the most loved media personality.

Here are ten things you should know about Janet;

She treasures friendships

Janet Mbugua respects that a girl must have friends she can call up, hang out with and have a glass of wine or two with.

She says, “I’ve learnt the importance of staying in touch with friends and family. Getting in touch and just asking, ‘how are you?’. It makes such a huge difference because we’re generation flaky; we seem to undermine relationships, especially those from my past. I’m working very hard at this!

Adding, “I’ve had to stop crossing oceans for people who wouldn’t jump puddles for me.

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JANET MBUGUAShe believes is super heroes

Janet writes, “I’m my own hero…anyone who is looking at me to be their hero, stop. Find that person in you.”

In another revealing admission, Janet wrote, “I’m learning to grow and deepen my Faith. I’ve crashed and burned and been jaded but ultimately returned to God because He has been my Day 1. But I’m a work in progress and I’m ok with that!”

Trolls don’t faze her

Most, if not all public figures have had a nasty run-in with online trolls. For Janet, she says, “I’m out of damns to give…mostly.

“I’m so turned off by people that are so unhappy they have to project that onto others. Don’t give into that negativity. You don’t owe anyone the satisfaction of them dragging you down to their level.”

She continued, “I’m appalled my mum-shamers. It’s hard enough trying to do right by your child; having people criticize how someone chooses to parent, especially when they’re doing the best they can, is a sure sign of an insecure, mean-spirited person. Check yourself!

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She is a family oriented. That is her foundation

Janet blossomed when she became a mother to baby Huru and a wife to Eddie Ndichu. She gushes about it saying, “I’m really getting a good idea of who I am! I’m married to a caring, loving man…I’m a mum to a wonderful angel…I wouldn’t trade it for anything in the world even though I genuinely don’t know what I’m doing half the time, but it’s so fulfilling!

“My child has made me reconsider my life outlook on life completely. I once heard someone say giving birth to their child was like a rebirth for them too. I get it, and I love and treasure it,” she wrote.

Adding, “Being raised by parents who taught me to value myself has been priceless.

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She is getting wise…almost sage-like

As we all know, wisdom comes from age and experience.

People change when you’re going through transitions. Let me be specific here. When I got married and later had our son, I saw both really ugly and really beautiful sides of people. I was a little thrown off initially but I’ve realized that’s largely the norm!” Janet narrates.

I miss the days when people were real and upfront. When I find them, I stick to them. So thank you to those family members and friends who keep it all the way real!” adding, “I have a lot more faith that things will work out now. Maybe that’s experience because things do tend to work out.

Mentorship is always on her mind

Janet’s passion is in passing on her skills and knowledge to the younger generation through mentorship.

Mentorship has moved from being something you add to your CV to something that’s a necessity. I’m concerned about the number of young people who feel lost and exasperated. My passion for empowering the girl child has been rocky, but I’m undeterred and happy to be rolling out a program soon that should play a crucial role in uplifting the lives of many girls! If you want something, go for it. Ask. Ask again. Knock on doors. Tarmac. Whatever you do, don’t be entitled,” she writes.

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Janet differentiates between what it means to respect others and be respected back.

She says, “Respect is everything. Respect for yourself, respect for others. This isn’t to say you shouldn’t stand up for yourself when someone is antagonizing to, but the element of respect is not to be underrated as is the case in many instances today.

She is also trying to find out how to be truly happy

You know the way you think all these celebrities have it all? Well, they don’t and Janet confirms that “The hardest thing I’m figuring out is how to be happy. But I’m learning more about that every day…

She believes in true love

Janet is a romantic lass.

“Love has to be intentional and two way. Period. Love is beautiful; its black coffee. It’s bitter sweet,” she writes, “There are good men out there. Not perfect ones, good ones. Man shaming everyone isn’t necessary.”

She is both an introvert and extrovert

The Citizen TV news anchor has never made it a secret that she is an introvert/ extrovert and this has most times left her “largely misunderstood…”

I’m happier being unique than trying to be perfect,” Janet writes, “I’ve learnt not to be so concerned about what others think.

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