Kisumu’s Fred Ombima is the newest millionaire in town, thanks to betPawa.

A local of the town, Ombima is the happy winner of a cool Sh1.2 million off his Sh5 bet. Since its launch in Kenya, betPawa has continued to unveil tens of millionaires who bet small and win BIG.

For his 22 matches, Fred’s total odds were 121,502. His possible win was Sh607,511.57 but since he had picked over 20 matches, he qualified for a 100% win bonus. With that, amazing bonus, he won a cool Sh1,215,023.14.

We are happy to bring to our readers an interview with our happy winner. Please introduce yourself.

I am Fred Ombima from Kisumu.

What do you do for a living?

Currently, I am unemployed. I do menial jobs once in a while, and has been betting with betPawa regularly and hoping I can win something.

You just won yourself Sh1.2 million. How did you place this bet?

I placed that bet in the last Sunday, with matches being played from Sunday night to Monday. I placed 3 bets. I deposited Sh50, and split that into three bets; One for Sh25, another for Sh20 and another for Sh5. I was so sure about the first two. So for the last Sh5 bet, I picked 22 home teams which I was certain would win. On Monday morning, I logged into my account and found that I had won.

What was the first thing you did when you discovered you had won?

It was like a dream. I checked. Checked again. Checked again. Walked out and brushed my teeth. I saw the cash again, and was sure I had won. I knew it was a fact because I have won previously Sh19,000, Sh5,000 – and have withdrawn that for free.

Who was the first person you shared with that you had won?

I just kept it to myself till now.

Why do you love betPawa?

First when you win, withdrawing is free. betPawa also caters for everyone  the haves and the have nots. You don’t have to have 50/= to bet with betPawa. With just one shilling you can bet with betPawa.

When did you start betting with betPawa?

I started betting with betPawa this year. A friend introduced me saying ‘There is another good site here.’ At that time, I had lost so much on other betting sites. I  was happy that finally I had a site where I could bet with small amounts, where with my Sh50, I could divide that 5 or ten times and place many different bets.

What do you want to do with this money?

No one knows yet that I have won. The first thing is I have been through tough times since I was born. I am glad to have won, so I don’t want to mess with this chance, I want to sit down and consult with those who have financial experience so I can invest the cash wiselt. Second, I had deferred my course in medical laboratory due to lack of school fees so I would wish to go back to school.

Now that you won, will you continue playing?

Yes certainly. Even after winning, I continued placing bets, and I know I will still win. I will also tell my friends that Instead of wasting Sh500 on one site, you can divide that in smaller amounts and place bets on betPawa. betPawa is an excellent site, the odds are even higher and would invite more friends.

With betPawa I can make my own jackpot and min-jackpot from different markets that are available on betPawa I can select as many as 30 matches on one betslip. I am happy betting with betPawa.

Thanks, Fred and we wish you all the best of luck!


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