She loves selfies

The first impression I got from Anne Kiguta the first time I got to know her is not the fact that she’s uniquely beautiful (I love her Modesty Blaise hair flare) and her exceptionally smart personality. She’s a rare kind of a woman, not only because of her outstanding achievements and persona, but also because of her tenacity. She has overcome chauvinism at places of work and abuse by both her dad and ex-boyfriend.


“My upbringing was difficult because I was raised in a home where my father physically assaulted my mother and on occasion my sisters and myself. It was a very painful experience bUT many beautiful things have come out of that including the work I do with Kenyan families,” she told Elle Afrique online in 2013.

However, she has kept her glow on every single day. Even if she is going through a difficult day, she has never let her friends and fans feel low because of it. She’s always smiling and treating us all with witty quotes on her Instagram and Twitter.

From her days as a news anchor at KTN to her senior position at Citizen TV today, she has exhibited growth and maturity. Anne is an epitome of what a contemporary Kenyan girl should look up to.

Selfies are one of her favorites

I talked to the bubbly presenter on balancing motherhood and work life, her love for fashion and stuff she would not do for fame. Here’s the conversation; enjoy!

Harun: Anne, as one of the top Kenyan TV personalities, there is pressure that comes with it, especially now that you’re a mom. Your fans expect you to achieve even more. How do you manage to balance work and taking care of your beautiful daughter?

Anne Kiguta: Well I don’t know that I actually balance it. But if it looks that way, great! I’m all about the ‘manageable crazy’. I always have a couple of things going at the same time and to be perfectly honest I could do with another two hours of sleep and a lot more of the spa! But I guess the trick is just learning to prioritize. When you look at the things we think are so important, many of them actually aren’t.

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So I weigh things and what I can do without, I do without. I don’t have to be at every event or buzzing new place or take on every project etc. I’ve learnt to differentiate between the temporal and permanent things in my life. My daughter, our relationship- that is permanent. My career is important and deeply fulfilling but not permanent. So the golden rule is never invest the permanent in the temporary.


Harun: What are the 3 three things you would never do for fame?

Anne Kiguta: Sacrifice my relationship with my daughter. She comes first in my life. Another thing would be giving up my values and spirituality. It’s what has brought me this far. Finally, I would NEVER undermine my colleagues to get my own way.