Inspekta Mwala

Veteran actor and radio personality Inspekta Mwala announced his retirement from the radio on December 30, 2020. This was his 13th year in the media industry.

“Today is my last day at Radio Citizen. I am doing this morning show and will also host Drive On in the evening. I am grateful to the station and to the fans who have been tuning in for so many years,” he said.

The Radio Station management wished him well in a December 30, 2020, tweet where they wrote,

“Kila la heri @inspektamwala umekuwa sehemu ya familia na daima utakuwa kutoka #JamboKenya tunakutakia mema katika maisha yako @vincentateya.”

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On air, Mwala said he had a great run, “When you meet me in the streets buy me meat,” he told his listeners.

Today, he had a short chat with his former colleague Jeridah Andayi.

“Now, you are not talking to a presenter, this is an investor. I miss this place,” Mwala said.

Jeridah teased him saying that he looks like he has lost weight and that she misses him because his last day on the radio was announced when she was away on leave.

Inspekta Mwala added, “Sijakonda. I’m doing a lot out there.”


“I’m doing a lot of exercises now, unlike before where I would sit, talk then go for lunch and pile on some more kilos and end up bloated.”

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He continued,

“Out here I’m eating healthy.”

Watch the video below.



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