Mariam Kighendi car

The doomed car that was involved in the Likoni Ferry tragedy tells tales of the painful death of Mariam Kighenda and her daughter Amanda Mutheu.

The two lost their lives when the car was submerged into the Indian Ocean from aboard MV Harambee.

Mariam and AmandaThey were crossing from Likoni mainland to the island side from a trip to Kwale county.

The windscreen  of the recovered car still has a sticker that read, “I’m a winner!”

Another sticker read, “My case is diffrent, 2017.”

Saving Mariam and Amanda! Photos from the retrieval of the Likoni Ferry tragedy car

Likoni Ferry RetrivalThe message in the stickers tells a prophetic tale. They signify the triumph the car recovery brings for Mariam’s family after 13-days spent in a watery grave.

Photos of the car also show that her car gear was set on parking position contrary to allegations that the deceased reversed her car into the ocean.

The car door after being forced open to access the bodies.

A police source at the scene said the Mariam Kaghenda had embraced her daughter Amanda Mutheu at the back seat and police had to separate them.

Mungu mpe nguvu! John Wambua views Mariam’s body found in tight embrace with daughter

Here are the photos of the car recovered from the Indian Ocean taken by the very able and observant ANDREW KASUKU.

Mariam Kighendi car Mariam Kighendi car Mariam Kighendi car Mariam Kighendi car

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