Oga Obinna

Comedian Oga Obinna who is known for his distasteful jokes is on the receiving end of hate after mocking Tanzanian actress Tausi, who is differently-abled.

Actress Tausi and her husband

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Obinna shared a photo of the pregnant actress, mocking her and even went ahead to tag his friends Joe Muchiri and Blakaende.

Boychild has no limits chisos!! @joewmuchiri @blakaende who did this???’ he posted.

Oga Obinna

Tausi gave birth a few days ago.

Fans of the comedian have called him out for cyberbullying Tausi.

Reactions include;

anitasanturi As a mother raising a special need child I find this post inappropriate and shameful. Tausi is an amazing woman I have interacted with her on several occasions. She just had a baby the other day with her husband Chris. Inauma sana kuona mtu anaeheshimika kama wewe kufanya utani ulemavu. Kaka hujafa hujaumbika. Kumbuka bado uzazi unao. This is the kind of cyber bullying my son and others should prepare for!???? Today you’ve proved that just being exposed to the real world doesn’t change your mindset. Mbilikimo pia ni binaadam wenye hisia tu kama watoto wenu mnaowazaa. I pray you don’t get yourself in a situation where you’ll have to explain to the world why your child is as he or she is.

kitaleishome Insensitive and inappropriate.

ben_de_blue Well am your fan but this is inappropriate and uncalled for..is she not a human being?she’s disabled not enabled😢

anita_soina May God forgive you. Her husband Chris did it and he posts about it daily. Tausi is just as human as all of us. So wrong

fancychepkorir This is sooo wrong how could you post such she is a woman and she deserves to have a family shame on you!

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djonewizzy It ain’t funny at all..she is so proud of her pregnancy unampost wa nini kwani we ndo ulimweka?

bakeybekks Sometimes you take jokes to far, it ain’t fair…

lin.murage I don’t see the joke in this….just because she is a dwarf doesn’t mean that she cant attract anyone! Grow up @ogaobinna

k.i.s.s.y Shame on you! Doesn’t it mean being disabled you don’t deserve to be loved and have children of your own? You are taking this comedy too far. You better pull that post down.

wa.queenie 😭😭😭😭😭wtf…insensitive and inappropriate…ain’t cool man every woman deserves respect…hii sio jokes zako za kawaida

robertkiprotic Really sad that something like that u think is funny it ain’t funny at all. Be ashamed of yourself.

moreentsav Kwenda hukoo…are you always this INSENSITIVE? Why joke about @tausimdegelaoriginal situation? Hujafa, hujaumbika!! Last year you made negative remarks on that comedian who acts alongside his granny, na bado unaendelea na jokes zako za kuhurt watu🙄..StyleUp or Kama umeishiwa na content, tafuta another career!!!!🚮

rachelkijo So just because she is different it means she can’t get pregnant… 😢 @ogaobinna

zawadi_oenga Shame on you! Lame comedy! Nkt