Cartoon Comedian opens up on how she almost quit comedy and music

She was once roughed up by goons


• The fast rising comedian shared out her toughest moments in her career journey.

Cartoon Comedian
Cartoon Comedian
Image: Instagram

Comedian Vanessa Akinyi aka Cartoon Comedian has opened up on how she almost quit both comedy and music.

Speaking in an interview with commentator 254, the content creator said that online bullies made her cry a lot with their hateful comments.

Known for her "inaniaffect,inanisuffocate" content You Tuber said that the most depressed people in Kenya are comedians because they make other people laugh but no one returns the favor.

"This is because of the hateful words they get and are often told that they are not good enough among  other demeaning words," she said.

The You Tuber's content has lately been receiving hate and was previously roughed up by goons leaving her face swollen.

Cartoon says that being in the industry for quite some time has hardened her and made her strong enough to deal with the bullies.

She vows to never back down as comedy is her life and that's what makes her wake up every day.

She adds that people have the right to express themselves and for her, she does not reply to those hateful comments.

The actress had previously received threats on her life from an unknown person who demanded her to take down her videos or else something bad would happen to her.

Standing her ground, Cartoon did not take down the videos and later posted a video online of her swollen face.

Cartoon, who had alleged that Diana Marua was behind all this as she had previously criticized the said artist's work.

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