Important lessons every man should learn from Kabi Wa Jesus scandal

Piece by: Peninah Njoki

Kenyan Youyuber Kabi Wa Jesus has been trending for days after he publicly admitted to siring a daughter with his cousin.

His admission came to light after a DNA test carried out on the little girl identified as Abby turned out positive.

Truth a lot of men have been in Kabi’s position before the only difference is that he is in the limelight hence the high criticism.

Below are lessons men can learn from Kabi’s story

Usidunge kila ‘shimo’

Men should understand that it’s not every woman whom you should take to bed.

In some instances like that of Kabu the damage to your career and reputation surpasses the 5/10 minutes pleasure between the sheets.

Always use protection

Truth be told, men will always sleep with women who are not their wives.

But in this day and age, the only way to ensure you don’t go around fathering illegitimate kids is by using condoms.

Expecting a woman to take precaution might fail as in some instances some women willingly trap men for kids.

Don’t smash your family member

The embarrassment Kabi Wa Jesus has been subjected to is too much.

The problem is not that he sired a child the issue with online moral police is that he sired a child with a relative.

To add salt to the injury he ignored the child until he was exposed a few months ago.

The truth will set you free

It’s always safe to admit the truth than wait to be exposed and end up looking stupid.

The truth will always come out no matter how hard we try to hide it. The big question is when it does will you as a couple survive the storm?