Media Personality Faith Muturi reveals that they almost lost her son while three months pregnant

Piece by: Elizabeth Ngigi

Media personality Faith Muturi Ngugi has revealed that she almost lost her first-born child while she was three months pregnant.

Named Lemuel after a King in the Bible, Faith said her son is a miracle to them.

The mother of three said that as Mothers Day is coming up, she has been reminiscing about how different each of her babies is and so is their pregnancy.

She wrote;

'I will be sharing my experience raising my three munchkins from the womb and beyond 😉

Yaani Lem is such a miracle baby, the fact that we almost lost him when I was 3 months pregnant. One night about 5 years ago I was rushed to a medical clinic in so much pain and the doctors had to refer me to a major hospital since they said I was having contractions and the condition was serious that they could not treat me...

On reaching the hospital the attending doctors told us there wasn't much that could be done at that point of the pregnancy other than managing the pain and hope for the best

...So we prayed over our baby and his life. But God! 🙏🏽🙌🏿.

She added;

He truly had a track record of turning things around. Our God is truly miraculous, the next morning we were fine, no pain, and the baby was doing well and after that, we didn't have any other incident throughout the pregnancy 🌸.

I am sharing this testimony to encourage any expecting mum or waiting womb that Our God is a God of wonder and he does miraculous works. Keep believing, Keep trusting that at His perfect time He shall do it for you 🙏🏾