Kenyan celebs whose wedding publicity stunts almost fooled us

Piece by: Peninah Njoki

Pulling publicity stunts in order to 'fool' the public is not something new. However Kenyan celebs have taken the joke too far.

In some instances they got us fooled but in some, it backfired leaving the celebs licking their wounds in shame.

Below are celebs who pulled wedding stunts.

  1. Willy Paul x Alaine

They were working on their song titled I Do. 

When the photos of the 'wedding' leaked on social media most of us had our hearts in our mouth as we thought Willy Paul was off the market.

2. Bahati and  Diana Marua

Bahati was working on a song dabbed Mapenzi where his now wife and mother of his children was a video vixen.

The two actually did have a spark on the set of the music video.

3. Jaguar

The mheshimiwa got everyone talking about his South African wedding. Only for it to turn out to be a stunt, as he was working on his hit, One Centimeter

Luckily for Kenyan women that was not the case.

He almost broke our hearts.

4. Sanaipei Tande & Otile Brown

These two artists got us wishing them all the best as newlyweds. To an extent of Sanaipei Tande giving interviews claiming she wants her new relationship kept on the down low.

Sanaipei said,

Ni mambo ya kurealise it’s an intimate thing, for close family. I’ve always been private on that sector of my life. These things are not shared.

Many fans fell for it.

5. Atemi

In her video Bebi Bebi, Atemi was marrying her tall, dark and handsome, ‘baby baby’.

For a minute we wondered how she could have planned a wedding without the media getting a hint of it, only to realize that it was a scene from her music video.


6. Vera Sidika and Calisah

Socialite Vera Sidika’s case is different from the wedding stunts. Her's was a different kind of gimmick, she as introducing her hot new bae. At the time she had broken up with Otile Brown and was now getting all cosy with the Tanzanian hunk, Calisah.