Harusi tunayo: Gukena FM's Kajim gifted with 2 million for his wedding

Piece by: Elizabeth Ngigi

Gukena FM breakfast co-host Jimmie Kajim held his dowry ceremony in Kamwangi, Kiambu county, on Saturday.

He is set to marry his girlfriend Silvana Wambui.

Speaking to Word Is after the event, an elated Kajim said he was overwhelmed by the love he received from fans and family, as well as the media, business and political personalities in attendance.

"I am appreciative to God. This was an event that I was worried about, especially after the Ministry of Health directives. Having members of Parliament spending their whole afternoon with you is not something to take for granted," he said.

"The support was immense and actually I have to change some of the wedding arrangements. I am grateful to our families and friends for their support. I am looking forward to the wedding day, which will be on the 1st of May this year."