Check out the Kitengela VIP night club designed in an old aircraft

Piece by: Grace Kerongo

Competition in the night club industry has given rise to innovative ways to grab the customers attention.

Various night club owners are pulling all stops to curve a niche and get as much foot traffic to their establishment as possible.

One such owner decided that refurbishing an old KQ aircraft is the way to go.

The owners of 034 Club purchased the an old aircraft from Kenya Airways which they have turned into a VIP section.

In an interview with K24, the brains behind the design, Flash Mwathe said,

"This is the cockpit and the engine has been removed. The plane will have a first-class and economy class. The cockpit will be for very very important people (VVIPs)."

He continued,

"In the kitchen area, we won't change anything. We shall still use the same trollies that were used to serve while the plane was airborne."

It seems it will be parte after parte once the pandemic dies a natural death.

The aircraft will accomodate 100 guests comfortably and it will be located in Kitengela.

Check out the photos of 034 Club.