Ethereal beauty: Rayvanny's wife looks like a teenager (Photos)

Piece by: Grace Kerongo

Rayvanny's bae Fahyma has that je ne sais quoi quality about her.

Her beauty is ethereal and has earned her many fans thanks to her well curated social media brand.

Speaking to Risasi, Fahyma revealed that her DM is full of hungry members if Team mafisi.

However, Fahyma's heart has been taken by Bongo mega star Rayvanny.

She said,

"Natongozwa sana na wanaume DM, wengi wananitaka kimapenzi lakini siwezi kuwa nao kwa sababu mimi tayari ni mke wa mtu na nampenda sana mume wangu (Rayvanny)."


"Tena sijawahi kufikiria kabisa kumsaliti kwa sababu ananionyesha upendo wa kweli na kunijali pia."

The celebrity power couple have had their share of breakups. Six months ago, Rayvanny revealed that he has separated from Fahyma.

“I have respected you all the years we have been together. There are ways that we have wronged each other and also forgiven each other. And most of the time you have been longing for a certain lifestyle that I kept telling it won’t help you. I respect you and my family so much. If you have decided to walk out then I won’t blame you. Still love my family. I wish you a good life,” said Rayvanny.

Fahyma revealed that their breakup has nothing to do with infidelity.

“My family and I have our issues, family issues, and it is not betrayal, there are totally different issues,” she told Rickmedia TV.

Anyhow, the couple is working out their issues.

Here are photos of Fahyma that prove she is a drop dead gorgeous babe.